Mothers Motors began life in a service station at Portland Ave. and Lake St. in south Minneapolis in 1960. It had been a quiet summer. There were very few imported cars in the states at that time and even fewer mechanics who would work on them. A young lady pulled in one morning driving a VW Beetle and asked "Do you work on these?" Ron looked over at 2 empty bays and said "Sure we do!" He drove over to the imported parts store, bought some books and some parts and the rest is history. That's when he started using the phrase "TLC for your imported car" Where does one go for TLC? That's where the name "Mothers Motors" came in and we've been using it ever since.

Ron tells all of his employees to treat the customers cars as if they were their own and "they" had to pay the bills. That's a bit old fashioned and corny, but it keeps the customers coming back and recommending us to their friends. He found out a long time ago that you can make more money by being honest than you can when trying to "up sell" every one that comes in the door. And you can sleep at night too!!

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